KTMIndustries, Inc. develops, manufactures and markets new technologies and applications that incorporate proprietary, non-toxic, environmentally safe bioplastics for a diverse range of consumer and industrial based markets.

Founded in June 1997 by four Michigan State University Professors, KTM is a leader in bioplastics technology specializing in starch-based foamed materials. These bioplastic foams are manufactured under licenses from National Starch and Chemical Company, the world leader in starch technology.


Bioplastics are materials with plastic-like properties made from renewable resources such as corn, wheat, rice, soy and potato. Bioplastic materials can be fashioned in a variety of modalities - from dissolving in water to withstanding the impact of a hammer - to meet the requirements of the specific application.

KTM has developed strategic relationships with Michigan State University, National Starch and Chemical Company, Biobased Manufacturers Association, Corn Marketing Program of Michigan, Capital Area Innovative Farmers, and Pepperell Braiding Company.

KTM is providing bioplastic-based products which meet or exceed the performance of wood, metal, or petroleum-based materials while providing the environmental and economic benefits of using domestic feedstocks.

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